​​2019 Fair Dates: October 15-19


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1. All general rules of the Calhoun County Fair will apply to the Adult & Youth Show.
2. Eligibility
      a. Entries are open to any resident of Calhoun County or any youth enrolled in Calhoun County Independent School District.
3. Entries
      a. All entries must have been made by the person entering the item.
      b. All entries must have been completed within the past 12 months. Entries from previous years are not eligible for exhibition and will not be accepted.
      c. Entry must have a completed entry tag attached.
      d. The Department Superintendent will direct and be in charge of entries and reserves the right to accept or reject entries depending on condition and suitability of 

            exhibits.  Calhoun County Fair reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate for the fair.
      e. Entries will be watched and every precaution wilt be taken to protect all entries, but in no case will the Calhoun County Fair Association be held responsible for 

           damage or theft.
       f. Entries not picked up during the scheduled time will be discarded.
4. Age Categories - age is determined as of August 31*
      a. Day Care and Preschool ages – Ribbons only
      b. Adult 19 years old and over
      c. Senior 14 - 18 years old
      d. Junior 9 - 13 years old
      e. Sub Junior 4 - 8 years old
      f. Senior citizens 65+
*Age Categories do not apply to the School Art Department
5. Judging & Awards
      a. Entries will be awarded a ribbon according to merit. Entries in a class with only one entry will receive an award if deemed worthy by the judges.
      b. The name of the exhibitor shall not be displayed until judging is complete.
      c. Decisions of the judge(s) are final, and no appeals will be heard concerning the placing.
      d. No person other than Fair Officials and Judges will be allowed in the exhibit area  during the time the exhibits are being judged.
      e. Superintendents have the right to reclassify any entry in order to comply with the rules of the show or if they think it is in the best interest of the entry.

           Any entry not meeting the requirements shall be disqualified by the superintendent.
6. Cash Premiums
      a. Ribbons (Adults & Youth)
           - First place, Blue Ribbon - $3
           - Second place, Red Ribbon - $2
           - Third place, White ribbon - $1
       b. Rosettes (Adult & Youth)
            - Grand Rosette - $5
            - Reserve Rosette - $4
        c. In the event of a rainout or financial failure of the Calhoun County Fair, the Calhoun County Fair Association reserves the right to reduce its published premium
             list to an amount in proportion to the total receipts.
        d. All checks must be cashed within 30 days.
        e. Failure to pick up an entry during the scheduled time will result in forfeiture of any and  all premiums
7. Rules pertaining to a specific Department are listed under that Department's rules

Special Premiums

Gift certificates or trophies will be awarded to Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Seniors, and Adults in each department having highest number of points from blue ribbons, rosettes, and reserves.

In the senior citizens division, a gift certificate or trophy will be awarded to the overall high points from blue ribbons, rosettes, and reserves rosettes.

     -  Each Rosette ribbon – 5 points
     -  Each reserve ribbon – 3 points
     -  Each blue ribbon – 2 points