Carnival is American Tradition
Feb 25, 2018
Olivia Vanni/ovanni@vicad.com

PORT LAVACA - Walking into the Calhoun County Fair, you are bombarded with all kinds of smells, sights and sounds. You can smell the funnel cakes, see the flashing lights of the rides and hear the distant sounds of animals at the livestock show. It is colorfully chaotic with children running and screaming and parents trying their hardest to keep up.

Dominique Rogers, 39, has been attending the Calhoun County Fair with her family since they moved to the county 10 years ago. For Rogers' family, the fair is the highlight of October.

"There isn't much for kids to do around here, so they look forward to October because of Halloween and the fair," Rogers said.

Tatyana Green, 18; Delecia Giles, 10; and Delayana Giles, 10, all have their own opinions when it comes to their favorite foods and rides. All three agreed the funnel cakes were their favorite food, but it was a split decision between the Cliff Hanger and the OMG! for their favorite ride.

A night at the fair is a timeless part of American culture that can entertain everyone. There is no age limit for people to have fun at the fair. There are tame rides and games for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground at all times to rides that send the daredevils in every group high in the sky.

There is no shortage of food, either. The Calhoun County Fair's food stand area is always busy with a variety of food to choose from, ranging from barbecue to tacos.

If you are looking for something other than food, rides or games, you can check out the livestock show with the local 4-H members from a handful of counties showcasing their sheep, bunnies, turkeys, chickens, cows, goats and pigs.

There is guaranteed to be something for everyone at the fair. Even if you aren't in the mood to do much, just sitting back and people-watching and taking in the atmosphere can be enjoyable.