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Calhoun County Fair Association

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                                                                                               2018 Calhoun County Fair Parade - Saturday October 13th

                                                                                    “Chillin’ N’ Grillin’ by the Bay”

 Name/Business/Organization: _____________________________________________

Contact person: _____________   e-mail:___________________ Ph. #: ____________

____ Civic / Non-Profit                                                                               ____ Fair Queen Contestant

___  Commercial / Business                                                                       ____ Marching Groups

____ Dance / Gym  Groups (Cheer, drill, etc.)                                            ____ Political

____ Decorated ATVs, Go-Karts, Bicycles, Scooters, 4wheelers              ____ Schools

____ Decorated Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Tractors)                                           

Please list any specifics about your entry here. We need to know if you’ll be on foot, in a car, a truck pulling a trailer, you’ll have multiple units, etc. as well as an idea on head count. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lineup will begin at 7A at the Stadium, we are ONLY using the Hwy. 35 entrance.
All vehicles in the parade are to be in line by 9 A.M. With the volume of entries, we are trying to keep this as safe and efficient for everyone as possible. THE ONLY VEHICLES ALLOWED IN THE HWY. 35 ENTRANCE ARE THOSE ENTERED IN THE PARADE.
All individuals being dropped off can  be dropped by Travis and walk over to their position/# before 9:30.
If you are wanting to hand or toss out an item, please get it approved with Erin or Melissa.
The parade route will be the same; up Sam Faubion, right on Virginia, left on Main, and end at the Bayfront. 
The judges will be set up Remax Land & Homes.  There will be 1 overall grand champion winner chosen as well as a 1st,2nd and 3rd for each division. If you win, we will be calling the contact you’ve listed on this form.
All photos taken, please use #chillinNgrillin18 for social media.   Thanks for your support.
You must display your # on the driver’s door for the judges to see.

Please contact Erin 220-2102 or Melissa Roberts. at 212-6982. Please turn into or   DEADLINE TO ENTER IS SEPTEMBER 29. 2018.


​OCTOBER 13, 2018