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TEXTILE  DEPARTMENT (AKA Small & Large Hand Art)
Special Rules for Textile Arts

1. REGISTRATION is Sunday October 14, 2018 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
2. Entries are limited to one item per category per exhibitor.  If a division category has sub categories, only one entry in each sub-category will be allowed per

3. Adult entries will be judged based upon the following separation:
       a. Adult: 19 - 64 years old
       b. Senior Citizens: 65+ years old
4. Youth entries will be judged based upon the following separation:
       a. Sub-Junior: 4 -8
       b. Juniors: 9 - 13
       c. Seniors: 14  – 18
5. Day Care and Preschool ages – Ribbons only
6. Articles will be judged on the quality of workmanship according to the techniques used considering general appearance, construction techniques, and suitability

    of materials.
7. Awards - a blue, red, or white ribbon will be awarded to each entry based upon merit. Grand & Reserve Champion rosettes awarded within each Division by Age

    Category, based upon merit.

​                                                                                                                         DIVISION AND CLASS LISTINGS

J-1 Crochet
   J-1.1 Crochet adult clothing
   J-1.2 Crochet baby clothing
   J-1.3 Crochet baby accessories
   J-1.4 Crochet Baby Blanket
   J-1.5 Crochet doll clothing
   J-1.6 Crochet tablecloth
   J-1.7 Crochet afghan
   J-1.8 Crochet doily
   J-1.9 Crochet lace
   J-1.10 Crochet picture
   J-1.11 Crochet ornament
   J-1.12 Crochet animals/dolls
   J-1.13 Crochet home accessories (placemats, potholders, etc.) .
   J-1.14 Crochet personal accessories (scarf, gloves, hat, etc.)
   J-1.15 Other - '
J-2 Embroidery (Cross Stitch, Crewel, Plastic Canvas, Needlepoint, etc.)  
   J-2.1 Table Runner
   J-2.2 Doilies  
   J-2.3 Place Mats
   J-2.4 Pillow Cases
   J-2.5 Towels
   J-2.6 Handkerchief
   J-2.7 Pot Holders
   J-2.8 Pillows
   J-2.9 Sampler
   J-2.10 Napkins
   J-2.11 Picture
   J-2.12 Wall Hanging
   J-2.13 Holiday
   J-2.14 Table Cloth
   J-2.15 Other
J-3 Knitting
   J-3.1 Knit Adult Clothing (sweater, cardigan, etc.)
   J-3.2 Knit baby clothing
   J-3.3 Knit baby accessories
   J-3.4 Knit baby blanket
   J-3.3 Knit doll clothing
   J-3.4 Knit afghan
   J-3.5 Knit lace
J-3.6 Knit home accessories {placemats, potholders, etc.}
   J-3.7 Knit personal accessories (scarf, slippers, etc.)
   J-3.8 Other
J-4 Sewn Home Accessories
   J-4.1 Table Cloth
   J-4.2 Bedspread
   J-4.3 Place mat
   J-4.4 Pot Holder
   J-4.5 Table Runner
   J-4.6 Pillow Case
   J-4.7 Pillow
   J-4.8 Wall Hanging
   J-4.9 Napkins
   J-4.10 Holiday
   J-4.11 Curtains
   J-4.12 Towel
   J-4.13 Blanket
   J-4.14 Pin Cushion
   J-4.15 Stuffed Toy
   J-4.16 Other
J-5 Quilting- Hand quilted ONLY
   J-5.1 Bed Quilt
   J-5.2 Baby Bed Quilt
   J-5.3 Pillows
   J-5.4 Pillow Cases
   J-5.5 Wall Hanging
   J-5.6 Holiday
   J-5.7 Quillows
   J-5.8 Tee-shirt Quilt
   J-5.9 Other

J-6  Quilting- Machine quilted ONLY
    J-6.1 Bed Quilt
    J-6.2 Baby Bed Quilt
    J-6.3 Pillows
    J-6.4 Pillow Cases
    J-6.5 Wall Hanging
    J-6.6 Holiday
    J-6.7 Quillows
    J-6.8 Tee-shirt Quilt
    J-6.9 Other
J-7 Weaving
    J-7.1 Weaving - home accessories                    (placemats, potholders, etc.)
    J-7.2 Weaving - personal accessories

    (scarf, hat, etc.)
    J-7.3 Braided rug
    J-7.4 Other
J-8 Other Textile Crafts
    J-8.1 Applique
    J-8.2 Beadwork
    J-8.3 Tatting
    J-8.4 Macrame
    J-8.5 Other
J-9 Decorated Purchased Household Items
    J-9.1 Place Mats
    J-9.2 Napkins
    J-9.3 Table Runners/Cloths
    J-9.4 Towels
    J-9.5 Pot Holders
    J-9.6 Pillows
    J-9.7 Pillow Cases
    J-9.8 Appliance Covers
    J-9.9 Pin Cushion
    J-9.10 Wall Hanging
    J-9.11 Holiday
    J-9.12 Rug
    J-9.13 Other